Iconic Photos of Indigenous Movements

There are some photos or artworks that everyone has seen. Whether it is because they perfectly capture an emotion or inspire a movement, these photos are the ones that stick out in people’s minds. Some examples of the kinds of photos are The Migrant Mother or The Afghan Girl.

In this post, I would like to talk about some of the iconic photos of Canada’s Indigenous people and give a brief overview of their context as well as their lasting impact on me personally. Read more below!

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Why Not Both?

This week I have a bit of a throwback for you. I made this video in 2014 to enter in a video contest. It speaks to an issue close to my heart. It’s about balancing Indigenous traditional life with modern day life. Honestly looking back on makes me cringe, and I hate the sound of my voice. Hopefully you find it more entertaining than I do.

If I could go back I would use real regalia instead of a costume. However, I always do things last minute so this was all I could find.

This video is on my personal youtube channel, so feel free to check on the other videos there to see my family acting goofy. If I ever get enough time I would like to make videos to go along with some of my blog posts. If that happens they will be posted to a dedicated youtube channel for this blog.