Iconic Photos of Indigenous Movements

There are some photos or artworks that everyone has seen. Whether it is because they perfectly capture an emotion or inspire a movement, these photos are the ones that stick out in people's minds. Some examples of the kinds of photos are The Migrant Mother or The Afghan Girl. In this post, I would like to talk about … Continue reading Iconic Photos of Indigenous Movements


Spiritually Homeless

I do not live where I was meant to, where my ancestors cared for lands, just as the lands cared for them too. I do not live in a place, shaped by creator's hands. I do not live where I was born to, where my parents happened to be, when their love was new. I … Continue reading Spiritually Homeless


There is something beautiful about, being able to sink bare toes into dark soil from which your ancestors sprout, and feel their embedded spirits broil. Something captivates you when you can look above to the same stars that were gazed upon by your kin and you can feel in your soul "this land is ours" … Continue reading Homelands