Dear Fitbit (Please Return My Stolen Money)

Dear Fitbit,

I am deeply disappointed in your online ordering system and your lack of customer service in this case. I will never purchase another Fitbit product and will advise anyone I know about your conduct in the future.

On April 14th, 2018 I ordered a Fitbit Versa online and my order number was NMYBA3TXY. After realizing that the Versa’s were out in stores on the 16th I contacted customer support to cancel my order so that I could purchase a Versa sooner.

On April 17th, 2018 I spoke with your associate Sofia A. and received the case number #24396471. Nowhere on your website did it state that I could not cancel the pre-ordered Fitbit and Sofia helped me to solve the problem. She assured me it was cancelled.

On May 9th, 2018 I was billed for the full price of a Fitbit Versa. Upon realizing that I was still billed for the Fitbit I thought I cancelled I contacted your customer support again. I found out that your company illegally took my credit card information to create a whole new order on April 30th, 2018, nearly two weeks after I cancelled my first order. The new order number was L9H9XE6GE.

I hoped that your associates would have been able to refund my credit card payments without hassle as this was money taken illegally. Also, as you had already proven by creating a new order, you could have just charged me again had I failed to return the Versa that was now on its way to me. Unfortunately, your company offered no compensation, discount or refund. I instead had to wait for your product to be delivered to me, make time out of my life to take it to your specific mail service and am now returning your product in hopes you return my money in a timely manner.

Today I am taking your Fitbit to the post office and I look forward now to receiving a full refund for the Fitbit Versa that you decided to order on my credit card in the first place. However, I am disappointed in your lack of customer service in fixing the issue which you caused. Also, I now face overage charges and increased interest charges on my credit card as a result of your fraudulent use of my credit card information.

I am not a wasteful person. I will continue to use my Fitbit Versa (which I purchased in store after being assured my first order was cancelled). However, if anyone asks about the company, the customer service or online ordering for Fitbit I will forever warn them using my own experience.