A Sheepish Hello

I couldn’t sleep last night. I stayed up until 4am just scrolling on my phone. It was amongst that midnight scrolling that I decided to pick up WordPress and read again. And now that it is 7am, something in me has pulled me to write.

I was pulled away from this blog almost a year ago after a series of 3 tragic overdoses touched my life. Then, even after coming to grips with those things (but never getting over them), the rush and business of starting a new program in September kept me away.

I am here again, now. I am not sure I can, or want, to commit to posting with any regularity. I am still running around with my head cut off handling school, practicum, work, family responsibilities and a social life. However, I am in a good place now, a happier place, and I’m willing to keep writing even if no one still wants to read.


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