Life Update

Part life update, part stream of consciousness. Let’s see how this goes.

About School…

My last semester of college is over! Well, I still have three papers to write and hand in next week. But, besides those papers, my last semester of college is over! Next, I am going to be finishing my last two years of a Bachelor of Social Work! I have already heard back from one program but I am kind of waiting for one more. Here are quick pros and cons of each program. I won’t write which schools exactly because I don’t know which one I am picking yet

PROGRAM #1 The Big One


  • I am already accepted! (And only 60 out of 150 applicants were #braggingalittleTBH)
  • Prestigious (maybe even known globally?) school
  • Great connections to local organizations for practicum placements.
  • The program is totally done in 2 years (including practicum, with some courses in summers)


  • More expensive (tuition, fees, parking… literally everything is more expensive).
  • Perhaps more ‘institutional’ and less ‘First Nations’
  • Less flexible school times (daytime, weekdays), meaning I likely cannot keep my current job, or maybe work in general.
  • Farther from my home

PROGRAM #2 The Satellite School


  • The program is hosted at my current college (my comfort zone, parking/gas/transit expenses will stay the same)
  • Tuition is less expensive than program #1
  • Offers ‘First Nations’ as specialization
  • Courses are in the evenings, on weekends and online (more flexibility and I can probably still keep my job)


  • I still do not know if I will be accepted
  • Although the university program is old, this satellite program has only had 2 graduating classes so far. Fewer connections to local organizations for placements
  • In my experience, I have not done well academically in night/online courses.
  • The program is 2.5 years (including practicum, and some courses during summers).

***EDIT: After actually looking into it, tuition and fees are nearly the same at both schools (one has higher tuition, the other has higher student fees). But my comments about parking/distance still applies as far as costs go.

If you couldn’t tell already I am very conflicted. I was not even trying to make all of the pros and cons lists equal but that is how they ended up. Based on what I’ve written here if you were accepted to both programs which would you choose?

About Work…

So, for the last month and a half of this semester, I was attending school full time while working 6 days a week and it nearly killed me! My usual schedule was working a ‘before school’ shift every morning, going to my own classes, and then three days a week rushing back to my work to work an ‘after school’ shift. Also, working all day on Saturdays at the Aboriginal community centre. Safe to say I was overworked and stressed out for these last few weeks.

All of the extra work at the daycares was because of a staffing issue. They finally hired somebody to fill that position just as my semester was ending… so she was finishing her training during my last week of classes, just in time for her to take these extra hours off my back when I can actually use the hours!

On the bittersweet side, one of my coworkers who I have worked with the longest has found a new opportunity. Of course, I am sad to see her go and the kids are sad as well. However, her normal position is working as a one-to-one support for a child in our centre. Because I am the only one who A.) has full availability and B.) has worked one to one with this child before I am going to take over for her. So, I am sad to see her go, yet happy to get the opportunity to work with this really cool kid!

I still have one dilemma though. I am still working 6 days a week, which is honestly not my ideal situation even when I am not in school. Although, I may seem to be complaining too much because despite working 6 days a week my work is still just under full-time hours. The nature of this child’s needs means that I cannot only work 4 days at the daycare. However, I do not want to give up the Saturdays at the community centre either because I love it a lot. I suppose I can manage from now until July when everything changes again because summer programming starts.

About life…

Things have been stressful at home too. I do not want to get into too much detail here but there has been some drama with my younger siblings and some all-night emergency room visits. Also, my grandma is crazy and coming back from her annual trip to Arizona soon so that is weighing on me a little.

My main goal for this summer is to read for my own pleasure again! I have a huge list of books that I want to read but never have time to during the school year. Hopefully, I will be able to knock a few of those off my list before school starts again in September.

Also! I want to have some more time for art! Finally, finish the art request that my aunt submitted months ago (it’s a multi-piece project that I keep putting off because of school and work) and do some more art for myself.

If you’ve made it this far congrats! Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment down below and chat to me about anything and everything! I have a lot more time to reply now! Well… a little more time anyway.


3 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Wow girl. You’ve got A LOT going on for sure! Congratulations on basically being done with school! To answer your question, I would go to the second school if I was accepted there. Being able to save money in college, I feel, is important and the ‘First Nations’ specialization I thought was the most important thing for you. The lack of connects with the community isn’t a huge issue because I feel you’re connected enough where you could network and find your own opportunities. However, both colleges sound good so you’re good either way! I’m sorry things are so rough at home 😕 Throw yourself into some self care (reading, art, etc) and remember that some things, no matter how intense they seem, are temporary. You didn’t talk about social supports. Do you have a group (even if it’s a small number) if friends you could vent to or just hang out with to unwind? You are an amazing young woman with so much to offer to the world. All the best (and even more) to you!


    1. I was actually hoping you would chime in with our ever timely and wise advice! The First Nations specialization is very appealing. However, I am also drawn to the idea of doing a more generalized type of education and identifying for myself what it means to be an Indigenous social worker. When I spoke with a faculty member at the big school during my interview she mentioned there was a student she was working with who was doing something similar. Also, when I actually looked in detail at tuition and fees the two schools are very similar (within $100 a year) but the second school would be more flexible for continuing to work. I plan to do self-care type things this whole summer! I have a huge list of books I want to read but do you have any suggestions? I do have social supports which I am very grateful for, hopefully, I can reconnect with them this summer too! Thank you again for your comments and advice I really appreciate it ❤

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      1. I knew you would do some more research and figure this thing out! SUCH a social worker lol. I like where you’re going with all this. Hopefully the additional information helps make your decision easier. Good books? I want to get back into reading actually. I guess it depends on what you like to read about. I have a book in mind but it’s about childhood trauma so let me know if you’d be interested in that.


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