Well, Thank You!

A few weeks ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Laketra BFF. If you’ve got a moment go and check her out! I love the positivity of her blog and also the fact that she feels so supportive of my social work ambitions even through the internet. Thank you so much! And sorry it took so long to get back to you.

The official website of the contest is linked above but I’ve copied and pasted the rules for clarification:

  • Link to this blog post in your Liebster Award blog post
  • Answer the questions given to you (if nominated, if you were not nominated you can use my questions)
  • Create more questions for your nominees to answer (I’m looking for unique and creative ones)
  • Comment on this blog post with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award. To make it easy for me to read them all.

Now onto my answers to Laketra BFFs’s questions!

1.) Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging mostly as a creative outlet. I have always liked to write, create art and take photographs. I was watching a Vice special about an artist (that I now forget the name of) but she talked about how it was more important to make art to be shared than to make art that is perfect. I figured I could not keep putting off sharing my art in the hopes that it would someday be ‘perfect’ or ‘worth sharing’ and so here I am.

2.) If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

First of all, I wish I was done school already, but unfortunately, I’ve probably got about 2 more years. I also wish that my parents’ debt situation was sorted out already (without them having to go bankrupt). Finally, I wish there to be no more work for social workers! I don’t mean stop funding for social workers but instead, erase all social problems haha!

3.) If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?

I would most like to have dinner with my Grandmother’s Grandmother. From all the stories I have heard she was a pretty cool chick. Oh no! Wait, can I have dinner with my grandmother and Cindy Blackstock?

4.) Any advice for your 13-year-old self?

It is not your job to take care of the emotionally unstable adults in your life. And, on a somewhat related note, as much as you want to fix everyone and everything, you have to understand that some people are just who they are.

5.) If you had to change your name, what would it be?

I used to hate my name a lot. I really did not like how I could never find it on keychains at tourist traps and how everyone would pronounce it wrong. I’m Hali, like Halle Berry, not Hailey! But, I think I’ve learned to love my name a lot and my middle name as well. If I had to change my name then I would probably choose to name myself after someone cool like Sacheen (Littlefeather) or a character from a book like Tilly.

6.) Favourite food?

I really love french fries. Especially McDonald’s fries.

7.) If you were a superhero, what superpowers would you want?

Flying. I’m claustrophobic on the bus and driving everywhere is expensive.

8.) What is your top strength?

Without bragging, I think I am pretty good at remaining calm in stressful situations. Like in emotional or tense situations in my house, I am usually the level-headed one. The one exception is if those situations include blood. One of my daycare kids got a nosebleed the other day and I was the only staff nearby. Had just enough time to grab her a tissue before I was out like a light!

9.) Read any good books lately?

I haven’t had much time to read for fun lately because I have mostly been reading for school. However, I have read some really interesting articles! If any of you are interested in social work look up Cindy Blackstock and the work she has been doing and the articles she has written. But, once school is out I’m excited to try and find myself a copy of The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline!

10.) Dream job?

My dream job is actually to have infinite money so that I could just do art, go to school, and be an activist all day every day. Anyone wanna donate to that?

11.) Favourite childhood memory?

It is so hard to pick just one memory because I think I have had a pretty great childhood (Shoutout to my Mom!). Actually, more than one single memory, I think my favourite event from my childhood is when I attended the Gathering Our Voices Indigenous Youth conference when I was a teenager. I think to experience that and making new friends there really changed my life for the better.

My Nominees!

So it was difficult to find blogs that fit the bill because the emphasis of the contest is new or small bloggers! And, on the website, it says you are supposed to pick blogs that have 200 followers or less! So here are some of the blogs that I have been enjoying lately that are 200 followers or less.

Sneha Paul Blog


Inked in Canvas


Muted Mouthful (who I actually discovered through Laketra BFFs post  and who has already been nominated, but it still counts!)


Your Questions

  1. If you could ‘unwatch’ one movie, just to watch it again for the first time, which movie would you pick, and why?
  2. If you could go back to any one day in your life and relive it again, which day would you pick?
  3. What is your secret talent that not many people know about?
  4. If you could steal anything without the risk of getting caught, would you? What would you steal?
  5. If you could create a book based on your life, who would you pick to ghostwrite it?
  6. Where do you see your blog (and yourself) in 5 years?
  7. What does the world need more of right now?
  8. What does the world need less of right now?
  9. If you could cross any two animals together and make the perfect domesticated pet, which two animals would you choose?
  10. If you could be friends with a character from your favourite book, tv show, movie (etc.), who would you want to be friends with.
  11. Do you consider yourself a good person? Why or why not?


Also, if you’re reading this right now and I did not nominate you, feel free to answer any and all of these questions as a blog post or in the comments below!


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