Art Requests/Commissions Now Open!

Recently over on Instagram, I have received a few requests to turn peoples selfies into digital art! I’ve decided to keep moving forward with this by formally accepting art requests or commisions. More details below!

 I will not charge for any art that is commisioned for personal use.

If ever someday a company wanted me to make a logo or an organization wanted some art to decorate their space I will probably ask to be compensated. But, if you just want me to turn you into a space queen for your own fun I will not charge you for it.

If you do have some spare change to support my blog, my art or just me, in general, I would definitely appreciate if you would:

 Buy Me a Coffee at

I decided to use this website to ask for donations because it really makes sense. It is a recommended donation of $3 which translates to one coffee (from expensive Starbucks anyway) and if you would like to donate more you could buy me more “coffees”. As a bonus, it’s only a one time purchase and not a subscription like I have seen other places. The way I see it, I am doing you a favour by creating content, like my art or my writing on this blog. And, you can repay the favour by treating me to a coffee!

Of course, there is no requirement to donate at all. And you still get to read everything I write and look at everything I draw! It’s all very low-barrier and the social worker in me likes that.

Examples of Completed Requests

The Information I Require to Complete Your Request:

(Sent via direct message on Instagram or by e-mail to

  • Name (or what you like to be called)
  • Ancestry and/or Current Location (as general or specific as you like)
  • At least one photo for reference
    • You can send me multiple and I will choose one to base the image off of.
    • You can send me multiple and ask aspects of the photos to be combined.
    • You can send me a photo of another person/animal that you would like me to include
  • Any specific requests:
    • Backgrounds/Setting
    • Other animals or people
    • Props
    • Clothing, Hair Colour/Length, Eye Colour
    • Positioning or Actions (e.g. sitting/standing/dancing)
  • Anything that you do not want
  • Anything you can tell me about yourself:
    • Hobbies and Interests
    • Where you live generally (e.g.: city/small town/tent in the woods)
    • Favourite Colours
    • *( all optional, but especially helpful if you have no specific requests)

**Please Read: Disclaimers**

  • I will only respond to your message when I am actually able to draw. So if I am working on another request or I get busy with school for a bit I will not respond to your messages. However, if something comes up while drawing I will for sure keep you updated.
  • Requests are done on first come/first serve basis. Donating will not make me draw any faster, or bump you up in line, but is still very much appreciated.
  • Just because I have not drawn something before does not mean I can’t draw it! Let’s figure it out together.
  • The more the photo you send looks like your request, the closer the drawing will be to looking like you.
    • For example, if you want a picture of yourself that includes a side profile please send me a picture of your side profile. Same goes for body positions and actions.
  • SI will not edit your body to be skinnier/fatter/curvier than it is. Sorry, that is just not something I believe in. You are who you are and you are beautiful.
    • However, if you send me a picture of only your face, yet request a body photo I will have to make up what I think you look like and you may end up skinnier/fatter.
  • I will allow exactly ONE (1) revision of your drawing. If you do not like the way I’ve drawn the nose or the colour I chose for your skin/hair is not accurate then let me know all of that at the same time.
  • Any further requests for changes will be considered as a new request and moved to the back of the line.
  • I reserve the right to publish any finished drawings on my Instagram/Blog once there has been an opportunity for you to request revisions. I will tag you if you’d like, and I will not post the photos you sent me for reference.

Thanks for reading! This is just a hobby for me and I am honestly not expecting any bites but I thought it was about time I set something up just in case.


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