New Year + New Classes + New Directions

Welcome to the new year! Hopefully, 2018 is kind to all of us and is especially kind to those of us who had a difficult year in 2017. Overall, I am optimistic about what 2018 has to offer in all areas of my life. However, these changes are forcing me to take a step back from this blog. You can keep reading for all of the details or just scroll all the way to the bottom for the TL;DR.


Holy smokes I am so excited about work!

For those of you who do not know already, I currently work at an after-school daycare program that is targeted towards low-income families in the community. It is run by a certain non-profit that also runs an Aboriginal Community Centre. I initially started working as a summer intern at the community centre in 2016 but then ended up where I am now when that internship ended.

However, I get to work at the community centre again starting this week! And I am so excited to actually have a job that is related to the work I want to do in the future. I will still work at the daycare during the week but on Saturdays, I get to work at the community centre. Also, I am not only working in the program, but I am running it along with one other staff. Therefore I get to plan Arts, Culture and Life skills programming for the kids who attend the centre. That being said I am only 21 so I do not really know what “Life skills” programming would look like. Any advice?


So, I am currently studying an Associates of Aboriginal Studies. This is technically a two-year degree (although it has taken me much longer) and if I continue at the school I am at now I will probably finish it by next year. As of this past December, I have applied to three (or four because I applied to two campuses of the same University) Bachelor of Social Work programs. So, hopefully, I will hear back from these programs soon and skip finishing the Associates.

Besides that I am taking four classes this semester, all of which I am very excited about:

  • Urban Aboriginal Strategies
    • AKA. how can we promote well-being for Indigenous populations living in urban communities, supporting the ‘spiritually homeless’ and what even is well-being in the first place?
  • Aboriginal Canadian Law
    • AKA. reviewing court case after court case on many different subjects. But, knowing this professor we will probably talk a lot about the UN declared right of “free, prior and informed consent.”
  • Global Indigenous Perspectives
    • AKA. the histories and current impacts of colonialist regimes on Indigenous communities outside of Canada and North America
  • Intro to Women’s Studies: Investigating Women’s Rights
    • AKA (?) I haven’t taken a women studies class before so I am not sure what to expect.

I am so excited to take all of these classes because I am basically at the point in my academic career where all my electives are done and I can just focus on the subjects I actually like! However, it is very important to me that I am engaged in all of these classes to my best ability. Which means allowing myself time to actually do all of the readings and all of the assignments.

This Blog

Unfortunately, because so many exciting things are happening in my work and school life I am forced to take a step back from this blog. Defeated.

First of all, I am stopping my Cree words of the week, indefinitely. Mostly because there are many blogs and social media accounts that do something similar to this already (ex. daily_cree on Instagram). And also because I do not feel this had a great impact on my own language learning at all. Of course, it was fun to look up words that related to the posts I was creating or the things going on in my life. However, I never really used those words beyond just creating the post.

I am also, temporarily, stopping my regular Monday/Thursday posting schedule. I do not think I will be able to keep up with it between school, work and my personal life. And therefore, so that I do not disappoint myself, I might as well admit it right now.

So the question is, what will happen on this blog? Do not panic! I will still post!

You used to get well-thought-out, polished, blog posts twice a week. Now, you will get real-time, unpolished, reflections on my life, school, and the world around me. This is good because it allows me more freedom to write when I want to or not write when I don’t. It’s bad because there will likely be some weeks I do not post at all, and some when I post three or four times.

I will continue to read blog posts on the blogs that I follow daily! And leave comments when I have something to add. I will also check the word of the day on the daily post and see if I am inspired by it every day. Finally, I will continue to attempt to write poetry and post collections of recent art creations (like the Princess/General Leia piece that is the featured image on this post) whenever I have something to share.


  • School and work life are about to get really busy.
  • School and work life are actually really exciting and I want to participate.
  • I will no longer do Cree Words of the Week.
  • I am temporarily abandoning my 2x weekly posting schedule
  • I will post art, poetry, reviews, thought pieces, etc. whenever I have the time/motivation to do so.
  • Thank you all for supporting my blog in these first few months! And for continuing to support it (if you do) in the future!

If you have not already you should follow me on Twitter (for random daily thoughts) and Instagram (for selfies and art) because I will use those waaaaay more regularily than I will post here!


2 thoughts on “New Year + New Classes + New Directions

  1. Wow. 2018 really is going to be crazy exciting for you! Congratulations on working at the center! That’s sounds EXACTLY like it fits what you want to do. As far as like skills, I guess it depends on the age of the kids. You could talk about budgeting, how to fill out a check, how to do laundry, talk about taxes, conflict resolution…just some things I’m thinking off the top of my head. I hope you hear back from those social work programs soon! Focus on your work and don’t get too distracted and feel like you’re neglecting the blog. We know you have a life outside of this page (lol) and will write when you can 😀


    1. Thank you for the tips! With the group I have right now conflict resolution or other social skills would be great ideas! I am not so sure they are ready for money yet though but maybe I could look into that. Also, some of the families are using our program as visitation so we need to plan things that bio parents and kids can do together too! So much to plan for but I am so excited about it. Thanks again for your advice and support ❤


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