New Years Resolutions

I know a lot of people think new years resolutions are cheesy, or that people never complete them. Yet, despite failing at a lot of them I still keep trying every year. In this post, I share some of my new year’s resolutions for next year!

Resolution One: Spend Less Money!

I’m starting this post with the biggest one on my list. Holy smokes this year I have spent so much money! And I continue to spend more than I make on a monthly basis. I really need to reign it in. I have a few concrete ways I’m going to accomplish this.

  • Stop Using My Credit Card!

Although there are a few things I will have to use my credit card for, (my family’s Spotify subscription, some school fees, and parking metres that don’t take change), I plan on stashing my credit card away the rest of the time so I am not tempted to just spend without thinking.

  • Take out spending cash at the beginning of every week!

Beyond using my credit card, I can also use my debit card to spend recklessly a lot of the time. For this reason, I am going to take out a certain amount at the beginning of every week in cash. This cash will be my spending money on things like food or entertainment. If I run out of money before the week is over, then I can’t go out to eat or do anything else until next week.

  • Bus to School + Pack School Lunches

Using my Mint app I discovered that most of my spending went to gas, parking, and lunches that I buy when I am by myself at school. For this reason I am going to start busing to school, with the bus pass that is provided as part of my tuition. There will be some days I have to drive, like the days when I have work right after school, but for the most part I can suck it up and bus. Also, by packing my school lunches I can save my money for going out to eat with my boyfriend or friends which is way more fun than eating alone.

Resolution 2: Get Healthy!

There are a lot of small things I wanna do in this category that I hope will contribute to my overall goal of getting healthy.

  • Tracking my food intake through myfitnesspal

I am going to start by tracking all the food I eat with an app called myfitnesspal! My username on there is reinebow41 if anyone else uses this app and wants to motivate one another. I find that committing to eating under a certain amount of calories causes me some stress, but hopefully if I just commit to tracking what I eat the next step will be restrictions.

I actually lost 18 lbs. at the beginning of last year trying this same thing… however because of school and life stress I fell off the wagon a bit. I hope to do a little bit better this year.

  • Drinking 2L of water everyday

For Christmas I am asking for a 1L water bottle, but if no one gives me one I’ll go buy one myself. It’s not that I don’t like drinking water, its just that I never think about it. I have heard that drinking water can help you with so many of your bodily functions and even help clear your skin!

  • Find a skincare routine + wear less makeup

Speaking of clearing up skin, another of my resolutions is to find a skincare routine that works for me and clear up some of my acne. I have been thinking about it a lot, and honestly I would rather spend my money on skincare products than expensive foundations to cover up blemishes. This year I bought into the FENTY Beauty by Rihanna hype and bought the foundation ($42) and the matchstix trio ($54). However, since I haven’t been wearing much makeup over christmas break I no longer have huge raging pimples like I did before. I plan to do most of my skincare research at /r/skincareaddiction on reddit and then buy things as I have the money for them.

Makeup is fun though. So on a daily basis I will probably wear the fun stuff like mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. Perhaps on days when I am feeling particularly insecure I’ll pop on some concealor And for special occasions I might do a full face but for the most part I’ll just be sticking to the ‘no makeup’ look.

Resolution 3: Get Outside!

This is a big one for my mental, physical and spiritual health. Not only will doing outdoor activities probably help me save money, (if I’m not eating, shopping or watching movies I’m probably not spending money), but getting outside will also help me to get healthier. I don’t have the motivation, for now, to plan a specific exercise routine or join a gym. However, one thing I can always do is walk/run around my neighborhood or visit scenic sites in the lovely Vancouver area to get physical. Also, as I spend more time as a part of the Aborginal community I am constantly in awe of how spiritually connected everyone else is to their home territories. Although this area is not the traditional lands of my people, it is the traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-waututh nations. I hope that by getting outside and reconnecting myself to the land and nature I will learn to feel more confident in my place in the world.

That’s all for my resolutions, thank you for reading! Are you setting resolutions for yourself in the new year? And more importantly, do you have real concrete ways you are going to accomplish them? Let me know in the comments!



One thought on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Your blog is inspiring! I have made resolutions. Some I failed miserably at the follow through. But a few I have actually completed. Some have been personal goals in which I read in your list. Some were fun (#365grateful) resolution. Some were inner peace related. This is a big birthday year for me and we have a family vacation planned so saving money is my first priority. I found a plan on Pinterest to put money away from each payday. If it works and I can keep my hands out of it, it should save me about $1500 by the end of the year.
    Good luck with your resolutions. Stay positive throughout your challenges and know your limitations. Do whatever makes you feel better internally, externally and mentally. But don’t be too hard on yourself. We are our worst critics. It’s damaging and causes avoidable stress. You’re an amazing young woman and you are loved beyond your knowledge! ♥️

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