Recent Art + Poetry Discussion

In this post, I talk you through some of my more recent art pieces. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen all of these already. If you don’t follow me, you should! I also talk a bit about poetry writing and specific poetry pieces I’ve written since starting this blog.

Let’s Talk About Art

I call this little doodle Water Is Life. Mostly inspired by the continuing disappointing news of pipeline projects being approved without adequate understanding of their effect on water, the environment, and Indigenous life.

This is the first piece I made using Adobe Sketch and its tools. I really like the Adobe Sketch brushes which look more like actual acrylics or watercolours and blend like they would on paper. I also love that it has standard shapes you can trace to make perfect squares, circles and triangles. However, for most projects, I prefer to use Procreate because I find it a lot easier to maneuver.

apitawikosisian is the title of this drawing, and in Cree, it means Metis (or literally half-blood). A few years ago I was volunteering for a specific Metis organization and was helping them by designing posters for their event. In one of the options I drew for them, I drew a picture of a woman very similar to this one and was shut down for a ridiculous reason. I will tell that story and others when I write the second part of my “discovering my identity” series that I began a few weeks ago.

Silent Spirals was inspired by a poem I wrote in response to a word prompt posted by TheDailyPost. I hope you guys get the idea that she is falling. However, she isn’t too concerned about it at this point. I was inspired by that word prompt, to write the poem. However, it was undoubtedly influenced by things that were and are happening in my personal life.

This doodle doesn’t really have a name yet. It’s based on a reference photo of my sister. Then I found a poem to match her and this drawing perfectly. Keep in mind I didn’t see the poem before finishing the picture.

Let’s Talk About Poetry

In case you haven’t noticed I have been writing a lot of poetry lately. I used to be interested in poetry when I was around 11-12 years old. I wrote some poems at that time but the one I remember the most was about war and remembrance I think. I printed it out to show my family, and of course, my parents and grandparents were proud of me. They were showing off my poetry to all of their friends and knowing that they were proud of me inspired me to post my poem online on some poetry forum. Bad idea… pre-teen Hali was not ready for any criticisms or critiques. And the people on the internet were not as big fans of my poetry as my parents were.

If I could describe my poetry I would call it a few different things:


I understand that most of my work is very repetitive and I acknowledge it. I think I am just someone who appreciates patterns, and repetitions. I really like to read poems where ideas from the beginning are repeated in the end. Therefore, I want to write them too. Also, a teacher told me once that repetition is the only way to make sure someone learns something.


I know this sounds a bit rude to myself, but it is true. My poetry is very basic in word choice. This is something that I would really like to work on. And this doesn’t mean forcing myself to look up random words and use them in poetry. To me, this means slowly encouraging myself to vary my language a little bit.

My poetry also tends to be very basic when it comes to symbolism. I would not call my poems very beautiful or artistic at this point. When I try to be a little sneaky or hint at something, I end up being very apparent. When I try to include imagery it does not seem as beautiful on the screen as it does in my head. Hopefully, with practice, this will improve as well.

Also, my poems are very basic regarding their structure. From what I understand about poetry, there really are no rules. You can put punctuation anywhere, rhyme, or not rhyme, or whatever you want it to be. However, for the most part, I have been sticking to rhyming couplets. I find it funny that I actually know what those are called. I do remember how to write a limerick and a haiku too, but that’s the extent of my high school english memory.

Anyway, it has been fun trying to write poems in responses to TheDailyPost. However, if you are interested in reading my basic, repetitive they all are.

Black like the Night: A poem related to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women awareness campaign.

Daily Prompt: Underdog: A poem about society. and unequal access to opportunity.

Poem: The Stuff of Legends: A poem critiquing the way that non-Indigenous people believe stereotypes about Indigenous people. Also, sort of a critique of the way that Indigenous beliefs are “myths” while untrue beliefs held about Indigenous peoples are “opinions”.

Silent Spirals: A poem about watching someone you love make certain choices.



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