What I Gave For Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas! A quick post today to share what I bought for my family this year and why. Also will serve as a reminder to me not to buy the same things next year.

Keep reading for a breakdown of what I bought each of my family members for Christmas this year! I excluded my Dad from this list because I’m still not sure exactly when I will be able to give his gift to him. This year I tried to spend around $40 per person, however, some were a little less, and some a little more.

My Stepdad:


Whether or not the Bluetooth hat from The Source actually works like its supposed to doesn’t really matter when it comes to my step-dad. He is the kind of guy that only knows a little about technology but loves to play around with it. He loves his wireless headphones and Bluetooth speaker. So I thought this would be an exciting product to add to his collection.


I also bought him a Gillette Shaving Set, because what else are you supposed to buy for a grown man?


My Mother:


This year I decided to buy my mother a mini-essential oil diffuser because earlier this year she mentioned her friends having one and really enjoying it. But essential oils can be expensive, so I only bought her the two. I picked Rosemary because that’s one of my sister’s middle names, and lemongrass just because.

Sister A (19 Years Old):

This sister loves to travel. She already has a canvas print of a black and white world map in her room. However, I thought this one was cool because she could scratch off places she has been to before! Also, I thought this one was cool because it showed individual provinces in Canada and different states in the U.S.

Also, this sister loves to accessorize. I bought her a black beanie because black goes with everything. Hopefully, she doesn’t have one already.

Sister M (14 Years Old):

Honestly, this sister was one of the harder ones to shop for this year. I know she likes decorating her bedroom and having trendy decor like fairy lights. That’s why I decided to go for this lightbox that she can use to decorate her room.

I also decided to buy some iPhone cords with the last of her budget. iPhone cords are a constant fight in my house (that I don’t have to worry about) because everyone is using someone else’s and they get broken so easily. Hopefully, with different coloured, strong cords my sister will be winning future fights.

Sister T (14 Years Old):

A few months ago, I bought myself a tapestry with a picture of a forest on it for my bedroom. At this same time my sister was interested in buying her own, but for whatever reason, she changed her mind. Therefore for Christmas, I decided to buy her a geometrical one like she was looking at earlier in the year. Unfortunately, I miss-clicked and bought a grey/white one instead of a blue/white one to match her bedding. Hopefully, she still likes it.

I also bought her some string lights as I think she is the only one out of all of us to have never had string lights in her room. There she goes.

The Boyfriend:

My boyfriend enjoys hunting. Do not ask me why. I don’t think I could ever do it. Anyway, I guess when you are hunting you are supposed to wear something bright orange so that other hunters do not mistake you for something worth shooting. Anyway, I just bought this beanie because it had a buck on it mostly. Hopefully, he likes it.

I also bought a Christmas ornament for him, “Our First Christmas 2017”. I think this was a gift more for myself than for him. If we ever move out together, I’ll probably get this hung up on our first tree.

Finally, I bought him the graphic novel called The Outside Circle by Patti LaBoucane-Benson. One day when we were hanging out before I had to go to work, we ended up at the library. For some reason, I remembered this book, and we found that our library had it. We were going to take it out that day to keep reading it but I forgot my library card at home, and they wouldn’t let him sign up for one without a bill or piece of mail to prove his address. We haven’t gone back there since and as far as I know he still has not read it. When he is done I hope he lets me read it!

That’s all for today. I hope you guys have a happy Christmas! Are you particularly proud of anything you bought for your family members? Let me know in the comments!


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