A tour of my Christmas Tree

I have always been curious as to how other people decorate their Christmas trees. Is there any deeper meaning for any of the ornaments? Why do you pick the colours that you do? In this post, I highlight some of my favourite decorations on my family’s tree.

One of the things I look forward to the most when I eventually move out is decorating my own tree and buying my own ornaments. My mom has a set of all purple ornaments and decorations that she usually uses. But, we also have a whole bunch of other ornaments because each year as part of our Christmas presents we get an ornament to represent our age. This year, much to my mother’s dismay, we put up the tree with all of our personal decorations instead of the purple ones.


My sister’s ballerina ornament

This is an ornament I always remember loving, and for some reason, I thought it was mine. However, when we were putting up the tree this year, my mom had put it in one of my sister’s boxes. We all did Ballet at some point anyway, and if I am honest, she did it much longer than me, so it makes sense.


Rick Grimes… the Ornament

Now, this ornament is mine for sure! I used to love the walking dead, but I stopped watching after Glenn died. I am planning to rewatch it all this Christmas break so please no spoilers!


The ever so classy, beer ornament.

I am guessing this one is my stepdad’s because my mother does not drink beer. Also, this one has been around for a long time so it wouldn’t be my sisters or mine either.


Dangly legged Princess

Now, this is an ornament I remember fondly from my childhood. It might be hard to see in this picture but her legs are suspended on a string under her skirt, and therefore they dangle around whenever she moves. I can remember being a young child and always wanting to play with this particular princess.


Another lovely ornament.

I am not sure who in particular this ornament belongs to, but she looks quite pretty illuminated by Christmas lights.


An ancient relic from the year I was born.

We have a few different ornaments from this series on our tree. I cannot decide within myself, are these ornaments offensive? I suppose any person could be depicted playing pool with a penguin, but this ornament clearly depicts an Inuit person, and is that inherently racist? My Mom has bought a lot of things like this because of her Indigenous identity and the fact that we all used to live in ‘the North.’ However, it might be time to replace these hallmark ornaments with some that are actually made by Inuit people if we want to showcase them on our tree.



Before my mother’s purple ornament phase our tree was made up of all of these unique ornaments as well as a spattering of red and silver balls like this. Most of the silver ones have joined the purple ornament family, and most of the red ones have broken or been tossed however this one still stands. Perhaps this could be a metaphor for Indigeneity and Indigenous activism? I’m kidding… mostly.


A face in the star… 

I have never understood these ornaments at all. We’ve had them for years,  and we have more than one of them. What do they mean? Who’s face is depicted in the star? Why are they smiling so creepily? I have no idea…


A cherub angel

I think this angel in a pink dress belongs to my youngest sister and I distinctly remember owning a similar one in a purple dress. However, this year I cannot find her. Although.. now that I think about it she may have made the cut and migrated over into my mother’s collection of purple ornaments that we did not use this year.


Daughter’s Are Treasures

Now, this is an ornament that has been around forever. However, it is also the source of some anger. See, when we pulled out all of these decorations they were all contained in a hockey skate box. The ornaments belonging to my two sisters were packed into boxes within that box, and therefore the ornaments were packed tightly and safe from breaking. However, my decorations were loose in the remainder of the box! Free to be jostled whenever they please! Because of this a lot of them had broken pieces including this one. Luckily, I had some glue and a lot of patience to put them back together again. But still, the sting of broken ornaments remains…


A sledding cat

I just like this ornament honestly. Which is why I thought I would include it here. Also, take note of the owl using a telescope and the baby carriage ornament in the back too.


 Beep Beep

Now, this is a more recently given ornament. My sister’s first car was a VW bug, and she had it up until earlier this year when she bought a jeep. Yes, she bought a Jeep at 19.. crazy. Anyway, I bet she’ll be getting a Jeep ornament this year.


The controversial red cups.

Fun fact about me, my first job was at Starbucks, and I worked there for three years. So I have a few Starbucks ornaments because apparently, that was the most significant thing going on in my life at that time.


The Christmas Cat

That’s the end of the ornaments I’d like to share, but my cat is too adorable not to share as well! Do anyone else’s cats love to hide out under the tree when they aren’t pulling it down or swatting at the ornaments? Mine does.


The Christmas Boyfriend

Ever so patiently waiting for me to take blog photos before we go watch a movie. Also putting up with watching cheesy Christmas movies with me because I love them. Thanks, boy!

Are there any ornaments on your trees with a more profound meaning or sentimental value? Blog about it or just describe them to me in the comments below! I would love to hear about them.

















One thought on “A tour of my Christmas Tree

  1. I remember when you were a little girl….you and your sister. I remember years and years ago talking with your mom about Christmas, and how she wished she had new ordiments….and that’s how the purple tree came to be. It was your Mom, my sweet dear friend, her favorite color, and I recognize a few of the ordiments you put on the blog….some of them are almost as old as you, smile!

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