Poem: The Stuff of Legends

via Daily Prompt: Legend

When I tell someone I’m native,

a few questions arise.

They all think they’re creative,

but nothing is a surprise.


“Tell me about a legend,

about the woman from the sky.

I have a small obsession,

with myths from times-gone-by.”


“I could tell you a few,”

I rapidly reply.

“But the best ones I know are new,

and come from some old white guy.”


By this point, they don’t understand.

“Made by some white guys?”

Yes, I have heard these all first hand,

and all these legends are based on lies.


Like, us Native kids go to college for free,

and affirmative action gets us in.

Tribal chiefs waste all their money,

then ask for more with a grin.


They say, Native girls, all look the same,

long-haired and olive-toned.

Native men are all to blame,

won’t work, too drunk, too stoned.


Myths like, we do not know how to parent,

and our kids should be taken away.

Alcoholism is inherent,

it is basically written into our DNA.


And, residential schools were great

they taught us proper skills.

We don’t pay taxes to the state

instead, “hardworking taxpayers” pay our bills.


Also, about those girls gone missing,

they probably were the party type.

Climate change,  worth dismissing,

and we should just let you build that pipe.


They say, If we don’t like our reserves

it’s easy to just leave our lives behind.

Each Canadian gets what they deserve.

The government always has Native interests in mind.


So, in this case, I remind  them,

of the ‘legends’ their culture believes

The most interesting “myths” aren’t on a totem,

but are found online, in person, or on TV.


“Rather than talk about our legends,

my gifts to you are these clues.

Perhaps your new obsession

should be challenging your own views.”








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