The Brothers

I am supposed to be studying for finals, but here I am. Enjoy looking at some of my recent art!

It started as a joke between myself and my boyfriend. I call this one “Cam for Intergalactic President”. I don’t even know what is going on here really… but it looks funny to me. Haha

I actually love this one because it actually sort of looks like my boyfriend! He once told me that if he could have any super power he would like to be able to time travel. I imagine he’s about to set off back to 1491 to colonize Europe, ha! Also I thought about drawing the Rez car from smoke signals as his time machine and then making a joke about how it only time travels backward… missed opportunity.

Here is another doodle of my boyfriend honestly. I am supposed to be studying for finals but here I am drawing a bunch of pictures because I bought a new toy… an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Holy smokes, I haven’t spent this much money since I bought my MacBook four years ago! Honestly I’ve been living beyond my means these past few months and I wanted to take the last of my car accident money (from an accident I had in January) and actually use it for something instead of slowly wasting it on eating out or something else. However, this also means I need to cut back on my spending a lot! And/or find a job with hours that better fit my school schedule.


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