Sasquatch Provincial Park (2017)

This week I am in the thick of studying for my finals so I thought I would share some memories from earlier this summer when I went Camping.

It was my first time actually camping! But luckily I went with my boyfriend who knows a lot more about the outdoors and camping than I do. Thank goodness for him and all of his smarts!

Some of the photos below were taken by me and others by him so hopefully, he doesn’t mind that I am sharing them here.

Luckily, he knew how to set up a tent already. I helped! A little. Perks of having a boyfriend who has been on canoe journeys all up and down the west coast of Canada/America.

Wearing Tie-Dye that I made myself on my first ever camping trip was pretty cool. Also, my boyfriend got a little trigger-happy with my DSLR.

I was excited to try out Pinterest camping recipes. But they weren’t exactly fool proof… luckily we brought staples, like hot dogs, to tied us over.

Like a good boyfriend, he still ate it! And posed for pictures whenever I wanted him to.

Stellar Jays became our new favourite bird after this camping trip.

We couldn’t just stay at our campsite the entire time. So we hopped in the car and explored a bit of Harrison outside of the provincial park.

Okay, I wish we would have stopped at that Cafe to try some Kangaroo meat. Later we pulled over on the side of a bridge to find some gorgeous views.


On the way back we stopped at the Harrison Hot Spring Sign

Here are some more photos from around our campsite and around Sasquatch Provincial Park.



On the last night, we both got a little paranoid about creatures we heard scrounging around outside. I definitely heard something small that squeaked as well as some howling off in the distance. My boyfriend said he heard the soft footprints of a cougar. After tossing and turning and driving ourselves crazy listening to every little sound we ran like chickens to sleep in the car. The next morning my boyfriend walked up an animal trail from our campsite and found cougar footprints in the dirt and scratch marks on logs. As well as a patch of grass that was trodden on, almost as if something had been sleeping there. Whether or not those signs were left that night, I’m not sure, but it was enough to make me happy we slept in the car.

Although the cougar scared me a lot I was sad that it was time to pack up everything and head home. Hopefully next summer we will have an opportunity to do something like this again. And hopefully next time I will actually save the high-quality photos I took instead of having to rip them all off of Facebook. sigh….

When is the last time you went camping? Any spooky stories or animal encounters like me? Let me know in the comments below!


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