Cree Word of the Week: Nov. 28

My tattoo is:

ᑭᔮᒼ (kiyâm)

It means: oh well, it’s okay, never mind, think nothing of it, so much for this, anyway, rather, let it be, let there be no further delay, please, let’s go then, do so, quietly.

This word has a very personal meaning to me, which is why I decided to give myself a tattoo of it. I was drawn to this word as soon as I discovered it because of it’s meaning. It sort of gave me this inner peace feeling when I learned that one word could embody all of these qualities.

In a strange way, it sort of helped me to feel okay with everything that can go on in life. Like it’s okay to just let things be or to take action and do something. I also particularly liked the way that ᑭᔮᒼ is also the root word for words that mean “quiet”. I thought it was fitting because I am a pretty quiet person myself

When I was deciding to get this tattoo I decided to do it myself. Stick and Poke. The idea started when I realized that I didn’t want some white guy tattooing this Indigenous word onto me. Then it grew on me when I realized that doing this tattoo myself could be a symbol for my own commitment to learning a language and fully participating in the Indigenous community.  It is a permanent reminder that no matter how much I may struggle with my identity, as long as I am steadfast in my own beliefs and committed to myself it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.



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