Recent Art!

Happy Saturday! If you follow me on twitter and instagram you may have seen a few of these already. But if not, here are some of the drawings I’ve created recently.

I only just recently brushed the dust off of my wacom drawing tablet and began to draw again. I’m very rusty, and still using reference pictures to create the art that I like however I can only get better from here.

HaliCartoonlines2 copyThis is a picture of me, copied from a reference picture of one of my selfies. I take all my selfies at an angle, so one half of my face was cut off in the picture. Therefore I just did my best to draw the left side of my face in this picture. I’m currently using this as my website’s site photo. However, as soon as I get my lovely boyfriend to finish a proper logo that will probably change.



If this picture had a name.. it would probably be splatter. At least that’s the file name on my computer. This picture was drawn without a reference photo, so it’s straight up a cartoon and not based on anyone specific. However, it was a little bit inspired by Chief Lady Bird. Who is amazing and cool and inspiring.


This drawing was created from a reference photo of myself and my boyfriend. Now that i’m looking at it… his eyes are a little bit weird and there are lots of white spots… oh well.


I’ve always loved pop art! I love the way it plays with everyday things and elevates them. Like those iconic soup cans, and everyday item suddenly became high art. Anyway, this is a cartoon based on a reference photo of my mother when she was 18. I always thought she looked cool in the photo, and now she’s even cooler haha.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little look into what I’ve been doing lately. It’s finals season so I might not have time to finish anything new for a while. Any other art bloggers out there? Comment below and I’ll check out your blog.


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