Some more photography for you to peruse. I took these photos in June of this year. This photoshoot was a lot more fun and goofy.

It might be hard to tell, but these photos were taken along the same paths as the ones in my last post. It’s way easier to see the scenery at high noon instead of after dark.

Under the cover of the trees the noonday sun was a lot less harsh, not to mention the light that was able to make it through the trees looked very pretty.

I was able to get so many more clear photos this time around because we headed out earlier in the day. However, if I could do it again I probably would have waited a few more hours for the sun to be softer.

Solo shots were hard to take because these two were so hyper and goofy the entire shoot.

Finally, you know your photoshoot is blessed when you get a visit from an eagle.