Placing Yourself

We had our first snowfall this past week in the northwest coast of Canada and so of course the natural thing to do is start a blog.

I’m kidding, it is not natural. This is especially strange for me considering I am already stressing about papers and group presentations coming up in this last month of school. Anyway, I am here now and ready to write.

Whenever you take an Aboriginal studies class or attend any community event  one of the first things they ask you to do is to place yourself. Generally this means stating your name and your background. It also could be a brief discussion of your personal purpose or why you are here. Not only does this acknowledge what perspective you are coming from but it also acknowledges the efforts of all the people behind you that lead you to where you are today. So I thought I would start this blog by placing myself.

My name is Hali and I am of mixed Metis, Cree and settler heritage. I am creating this blog today because I like to be creative.

To learn more about me, or my motivations in this blog check out my about page.


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